Technologies and materials in use

Thermo-forming – shaping hot plastics

Shaping PE foam (foam forming, thermo-forming, press forming) means shaping the foam into various shapes with a wide range of applications. We use cross-linked Polyethylene or EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) for thermo forming, while both materials have most suitable qualities for hot shaping – thermo forming.

Closed cell system

For thermo forming it is most suitable to utilize material with closed cell system. These foams usually show higher strength due to their structure and also higher dimensional stability. They are used as the base material for sandwich structured composite materials.

These foams also have other excellent qualities – insulate heat well and are resistant to generally available acids, lye and other chemicals. They are also suitable as protective and buoyancy aids. Their being lightweight and compressibility make them ideal material for packaging, upholsters and fillings.

Polyethylene foam

Shaping by means of thermo forming

The foam is heated and the shaped by means of pressing.

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Vacuum plastics forming

Vacuum forming is another method of forming hot plastics. Plastic foil is heated to the forming temperature and then by means of vacuum sucked between a metal sheet and the mold. Vacuum forming may be used for most product packaging, speaker covers or even for the car dashboards. Vacuum forming of plastics can be used to shape almost everything – from the tiniest parts to large units.

The technology of vacuum forming allows for processing sheet plastic semi products of 0.3 to 5 mm width. The final wall thickness of the molding is smaller than of the original plastic semi product. This is the reason why we always consider selection of the material with respect to its intended functionality and the required molding qualities. We use mainly ABS, HDPE and PS for the vacuum forming. It is possible to form practically all kinds of thermoplastic materials.

Wide range of colors, dimensions and stiffness

We can indeed offer all the mentioned materials to our customers. We have a large offer of colors, dimensions and shapes.

The benefits of the vacuum forming are the low costs of the molds. We are a job-order plastics supplier. Contact us and we will arrange series production for you.

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