Job-order manufacture from PE foam, thermo-forming of plastics

Welcome to home page of ETK s.r.o. – the Foam division

We are a manufacturing company that deals in thermo forming of plastics and production of plastic semi-products from PE foam, polyethylene and other materials by means of thermo-forming and molding. We offer job-order manufacture from PE foam and series production of plastic semi-products.

Processing of plastics with wide range of application

The „Foam“ division products find their application in a range of fields of our lives. We specialize mainly in the following ares:

We are specialists in thermo-forming.

We can shape all your wishes from plastics.

Have your order processed by us. Please contact us.

Job order manufacture from plastics – tradition since 1996

We offer tailored solution from the design to manufacture – job-order manufacture of plastic products. We have been in thermo-forming since 1996. We have build a substatial know-how basis over the years. We have the technology of thermo-forming a tour fingertips. We can proces a one time only order as well as series production.

Assign your order with us. We will arrange everything by ourselves, from the design (drawing), over to mold making and material procurement to the final product. We can die cut shapes together with procurement of the die board. And all this permanent. The color makes no difference in the production, nor shape or complexity. The job-order manufacture of plastics is our living.

We will provide for complete engineering solution at high technical level and moreover for a reasonable price.

Assign your order to professionals in their field.

The picture gallery displays just a fragment of our product portfolio that we are able to produce from plastics. Just a few of articles was possible to publicise after agreement with our customers.

We can manage transforming any of your ideas to a 3D form.

Contact us, we will find a technological solution for you and arrange series production.

Thermo-forming – forming hot plastics

Thermo-forming is an innovative technology of plastics processing and production of shaped parts from cross-linked PE. Thermoforming or press forming meaning shaping hot plastics is a manufacturing process where the plastic foam is heated and a certain shape is formed – plastic semi product that is then further processed.

Die cuts from plastics, packaging of products.

An essential part of our job-order manufacture are also various shape die cuts from the different materials. We also deliver the appropriate die boards. We also offer a possibility to pack products to shrinking PE foil on our packaging line.

ETK Foam